Friday, 11 April 2014

Date Nights in Jalandhar

Gautam lives in one of the oldest cities of punjab, Jalandhar which is now my second home.  

Jalandhar, Punjab.

When I was in Gautam and I went out every night and most days to a variety of different places. I love Jaldanhar theres so much to do! Gautam and I's first day out in india alone was to Pushpa Gujrai Science City. 

A part of science city.

Science city is a place for learning, but its also very picturesque. It was a lovely sunny day, there was a lot of children there out on there school trips and all of them were shocked to see a Gori and they all sat and smiled and waved, so i smiled and waved right back at them. Science City is in a special place in my heart as this was mine and Gautam's frequent "get away"

Most night's we went out for dinner, as when I didn't like what was cooked Gautam would take me out for something to eat. I never want to eat meat in my indian home so I always ate out. this would vary between fast food places or restaurants in Jalandhar.

 KFC in model town
Haveli is my favourite restaurant in the whole world, its about a twenty minute drive from Gautam's home as its just outside Jalandhar. It is a traditional indian restaurant which is vegetarian.

Inside Haveli
Often we went to the cinema and watched Hindi or English movies. 
Inside PVR cinema's in the MBD mall
even just a walk around the shopping mall

things to do in and around Jalandhar are endless! Majority of places are modern and welcoming to an outsider.
Being in a Long Distance Relationship means you have to sacrifice all these things. which never comes easy to the heart! these are just simple things in life, as much as money is required to do all these nice things the majority of the things we actually do together are priceless!

lots of love


  1. Are you guys together officially? I'm so intrigued! :)
    It's long distance, but will you guys decide to live one place or the other? Haha... I'm in a relationship as well, and I've made the decision to stay in India. I have to go back home to America, but only for a short time. Things are looking up.

    I'm so glad I found you! Let's keep in touch!

    1. Hello lovely, no we're not together in person were still fighting the distance! Were hoping to live together in the uk but if all else fails I will move to India :) yes defiantly if you have what's app or instagram anything like that I can talk to you there :) are you working in India also or just living there? X

  2. Wow very nice! Jalandhar is my husband's hometown!