Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Truth About Long Distance and Relationships!

This post is completely my opinion from my own experience in a long distance relationship.

I have now been in a long distance relationship for a year and eight months, which is a year and eight months too long! 
When we started dating we never imagined the distance would come between us but we certainly did not imagine it would come between us for so long.

At the Beginning 

From my point of view, LDR are not easy and cause a really big strain on your relationship. Your whole life revolves around it from our different time zones to our "normal routine" talking to each other first thing in my morning and last thing in his night is essential. We are fighters and we fight for what we want, and no matter how hard it gets we get through it. Our relationship is by no means perfect with thanks to the stress of the distance arguments occur and cause more strains and frustration with that said we NEVER go to bed on an argument.
With thanks to todays technology we have the ability to communicate in many ways, we both have smart phones, Iphones to be precise... so we are completely blessed with the variety of apps there is. 

The apps we use:

  1. Whatsapp, which we use for text messages, voice messages, pictures and videos.
  2. Facetime for free video and voice calls
  3. Hike, a new app we started using for text messages.
  4. couple, an app with joins only us together where you can send messages, paint each other pictures and thumbkiss.

Other apps I would personally recommend but we don't use often are tango for messages and video/voice calls, viber for messages and voice calls and skype for video calls, we don't use them because of connection problems but they are great apps!
For voice calls I have an international calling sim which is cheap to call international countries, the sim card is LYCAMOBILE, but I also used to use LEBARA.


 In my opinion not everyone understands how hard they actually are and how much they affect your life and mental state. I often here people say that I look to happy to have that much stress going on or on the other hand more negatively people say thats not stress you will understand what stress when you are older. These opinions are valid but not always true.
Long distance relationships can leave you feeling very lonely, crying uncontrollably and getting angry and frustrated for unnecessary reasons. You can find yourself having good days and bad days, in my case we didn't start with distance so we always focus on our main goal to be together and this never leaves our mind.

If you are in a long distance relationship and are looking for advice I would recommend for you to:
  1.  find a way for you to be together, first and foremost, I know this is not always possible but truly ask yourself is it possible?
  2. make as much time as possible for each other to communicate
  3. do things together with technology, watch movies, play games ask each other questions and share memories remembering the good times
  4. visit each other if possible
  5. always remember the true reasons of your relationship and don't let anyone else question it
  6. keep a strong support network
  7. don't let yourself feel lonely there are a lot of people out there in similar situations everyone has a story to tell (instagram is my saviour for this)
LDR are not easy, if i'm completely honest with you I block out the distance this keeps me happy and content when I let the distance get to me I can't take it and have to go to India.

Always smile and be happy... remember everything is going to be okay in the end if its not okay its not the end!
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What Should My Next Post Be About?

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Ups and Downs of Airports When In a Long Distance Relationship

why airport's are the best but worst places of my life so far...

Growing up airports always meant we were going somewhere on holiday, and within a few hours I would be lay on a beach with unlimited cokes and all you can eat ice-cream... BLISS.As I grow older I soon came to realise I was oblivious to what was actually going on in the airport world and its not all happy occasions.
I have travelled a good few places in my life, my mum has packed enough of my suitcases to have a degree in it! I've been blessed enough to encounter the happiness and sadness of an airport. Airports for me are full of happy reunions and tearful goodbyes.

Not long after my eighteenth birthday I first traveled to india... I left from 


when I left heathrow I was scared not happy and not sad I was relieved I caught my flight on time and petrified as I did not know what I was letting myself in for. I had to stop in Asia to get my connecting flight to Amritsar.

When I arrived in Amritsar airport, I soon shared with the crowd my overwhelming emotions, I leaped into Gautams arms with tears of joy and happiness.

from then on my journey to India I have gone through a number of different airports including 
New Delhi
All of these Airports have seen my tears and happiness. I could never describe the feeling you have when you leave your loved ones at an airport it really is something you have to feel and experience your self and vice-versa its impossible to describe the feeling you get when you wrap your arms around the ones you love after not seeing them for so long!

I am writing this post on the exact date six months ago I left my husband at Amritsar airport...

And hopefully the next trip to the airport is a happy one!

lots of love

Saturday, 19 July 2014

I'm Back Feeling Better Than Ever!


wow has it really been 3 months since I abandoned my blog? I apologize to all. Its been a crazy three months to say the least, but when I look back so much has changed but I am no further forward! 

so right now as some of you may know I am in...

I have came to Ireland to work as an Au-pair. I have been here 4 weeks on monday, its went so quickly but as they say time flies when you're having fun. I am the an Au-pair to a lovely family consisting of a single mother and her 4 children. Moving to Ireland was a huge decision but a decision easy made none the less. 

Gori Rani 

Not much has changed about myself i'm still in much the same position. YES I'm STILL in a LDR. YES I still am wearing my beautiful choora.

I also set a goal for myself to grow my hair and i'm very pleased with the outcome so far...

life in Ireland is good and I plan to stay here for as long as I can guarantee my future that I can see and possibly plan, because you never know what's around the corner. 

I've set new goals for myself which are starting very shortly or in the process of. One being to cut down on fizzy juice! I will never cut out fizzy juice but I definitely need to cut down the amount I drink of it and i can proudly say I have nearly halved the amount I would drink at home! Secondly I am about to challenged weight loss, since my husband has gone back home i've really let myself go, I know im fine the way I am blah blah blah... but i've decided I am no longer happy with my weight and I am taken this opportunity in the beautiful country side to try and tone up! thirdly I am trying to be happy and positive in every situation i face, my future is looking bright and I no longer want to be sad because i have so much to look forward too!

I defiantly have been blessed with the luck of the Irish!

Thanks for reading 

Lots of Love

Friday, 11 April 2014

Date Nights in Jalandhar

Gautam lives in one of the oldest cities of punjab, Jalandhar which is now my second home.  

Jalandhar, Punjab.

When I was in Gautam and I went out every night and most days to a variety of different places. I love Jaldanhar theres so much to do! Gautam and I's first day out in india alone was to Pushpa Gujrai Science City. 

A part of science city.

Science city is a place for learning, but its also very picturesque. It was a lovely sunny day, there was a lot of children there out on there school trips and all of them were shocked to see a Gori and they all sat and smiled and waved, so i smiled and waved right back at them. Science City is in a special place in my heart as this was mine and Gautam's frequent "get away"

Most night's we went out for dinner, as when I didn't like what was cooked Gautam would take me out for something to eat. I never want to eat meat in my indian home so I always ate out. this would vary between fast food places or restaurants in Jalandhar.

 KFC in model town
Haveli is my favourite restaurant in the whole world, its about a twenty minute drive from Gautam's home as its just outside Jalandhar. It is a traditional indian restaurant which is vegetarian.

Inside Haveli
Often we went to the cinema and watched Hindi or English movies. 
Inside PVR cinema's in the MBD mall
even just a walk around the shopping mall

things to do in and around Jalandhar are endless! Majority of places are modern and welcoming to an outsider.
Being in a Long Distance Relationship means you have to sacrifice all these things. which never comes easy to the heart! these are just simple things in life, as much as money is required to do all these nice things the majority of the things we actually do together are priceless!

lots of love

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

You Are The Creator Of Your Own Destiny!

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes!

Surround yourself by people who believe in your dreams!

I’m not here to tell you if Long distance relationships are easy or hard, only individuals who experience these feelings can decide in their own head.  I can say that Long Distance Relationships are really challenging, and everyone experiences them differently. Long Distance Relationships requires A LOT of patience, which often causes an endless source of frustration sometimes, it also requires A LOT of love and shared trust between you both, when this is not successful at times it causes pointless worries without basis or facts and a fear that you're going to lose each other. Long distance relationships are possible, through the distance you can see how great your relationship will eventually be when the distance is closed.

For Gautam and me personally it’s the United Kingdom’s visa requirements that cause the distance. I explain and imagine the visa process like a rock boulder on a flat bit of grass to start with and at the end of the flat grass there is a declining slope. 

The rock being the visa and the flat part and slowly declining slope describes life. firstly on the flat part is going to be the hardest life challenge, to get it moving and keep it moving requires a lot of belief, strength and trial and error perseverance as we will have to fight with it to keep moving, once it's on the edge of the cliff it should roll by itself, some bits of it the rock will jump forward stages some bits of it the rock might stall but overall it's rolling for one outcome , our destiny and that's for us to be together!

In India 2013

lots of love

Monday, 17 March 2014

My 2014 Holi Experience!

Happy holi! 

Holi also known as the festival of colours it is a spring festival and the festival of love.

Water Balloon's and Coloured Powders

Holi is a festival in where everyone play's and chases others with dried powder and water (coloured or uncoloured water) usually carried either through water pistols or water balloons or sometimes even just the garden hose. It is a game that can be played by anyone, it's a festival which celebrates the arrival of spring and to celebrate the end of winter, it also celebrates the victory of good over evil for many it is a festive day to play, laugh, forgive and forget and repairing broken relationships. It is traditionally a religious Hindu festival usually celebrated in India but has become popular with non-Hindus also.

Before Our Holi Celebrations

This festival can be played anywhere and often people use this festival for a chance to play music, sing, dance, visit family and friends and it is finished off by sharing traditional food and drinks.

Gautam's Indian Holi Festival

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to take part in holi this year in the United kingdom as taking part in holi in India was so much fun! Gautam sent me pictures of his holi celebrations and I couldn't wait to get home to celebrate mine!
Myself, a close friend, my sister and her close friend, my younger brother and two of his young friends (also close neighbours) all went up the back field and started off our holi celebrations. I had prepared the holi colours by myself and I filled up water balloons. 

We didn't prepare for how cold it was going to be but we had a BLAST! There was colours, water, laughter and tears flying all around!

Holi 2014 was so much fun, all the hard work of making the coloured powders was totally worth it and today has been a good day well spent!

My Rock and I, participating in holi :)

Lots of love

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Creating my blog

The beginning of my blogging journey

 Like I said previously I have been thinking to make this blog for a few months, thinking to make the blog was the easiest part to say the least, I came onto blogger with the help of a dear friend and fellow blogger, firstly I started by asking her what inspired her to start her blog, this lead into a conversation about blogs and what it entails and she encouraged me to start blogging.
I started by setting up my blog and I got to the stage in where I needed to chose a name and I was stuck again hmmm back with my thinking hat on... I then messaged my friend saying I didn't know what to call my blog, we discussed a few options and she suggested Gori Rani, it was perfect! Unbeknown to her I not only knew the meaning of Gori and Rani, I knew from the little Punjabi I know and have learnt, I knew that Rani was the Punjabi meaning of queen because my Punjabi mummy ji's nickname is Rani.
I then successfully posted my first post onto my blog; little did I know I would then spend the next two hours trying to figure out how to add different topic pages, eventually after the use of my perseverance and patience I finally realized that I have to add pages as a gadget!
I can't wait to be a confident blogger and I look forward to the future 

Lots of love

Welcome to my blog!

Hello, Sat Sri Akal, and welcome to my life in words and pictures, I am here because of my passion and because I have a story to share with you.

 The reason I created this blog was because, I wish to use my writing as a sort of therapy to help myself, not only with the struggles I have to encounter because of the long distance relationship I am in but to help my confidence in my writing abilities. Another big factor as to why I created this blog is because I wish to inspire my readers in the way that others have inspired me, in my blog I aim to share and tell my love story and journey that I have had to embrace because of love and my long distance relationship.
 For a few months now I have wanted to start blogging, the reason I postponed this decision was that I didn't have the confidence in my writing abilities, and that it took me a while to accept the distance. Now I have adopted the attitude that it's not the ability of the way I write or how I write that matters, if I am writing from my heart and with my experience everything will fall into place. I believe that long distance relationships are by no mean a source of frustration, worries and suffering but I honestly think they are amazing, because they can work not just work but be a source of genuine love, pleasure and satisfaction. If you don't know me I suggest that you go to the about me section. 
Thank you for taking your time to read my blog, enjoy. If you need anything just contact me.

lots of love