Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Truth About Long Distance and Relationships!

This post is completely my opinion from my own experience in a long distance relationship.

I have now been in a long distance relationship for a year and eight months, which is a year and eight months too long! 
When we started dating we never imagined the distance would come between us but we certainly did not imagine it would come between us for so long.

At the Beginning 

From my point of view, LDR are not easy and cause a really big strain on your relationship. Your whole life revolves around it from our different time zones to our "normal routine" talking to each other first thing in my morning and last thing in his night is essential. We are fighters and we fight for what we want, and no matter how hard it gets we get through it. Our relationship is by no means perfect with thanks to the stress of the distance arguments occur and cause more strains and frustration with that said we NEVER go to bed on an argument.
With thanks to todays technology we have the ability to communicate in many ways, we both have smart phones, Iphones to be precise... so we are completely blessed with the variety of apps there is. 

The apps we use:

  1. Whatsapp, which we use for text messages, voice messages, pictures and videos.
  2. Facetime for free video and voice calls
  3. Hike, a new app we started using for text messages.
  4. couple, an app with joins only us together where you can send messages, paint each other pictures and thumbkiss.

Other apps I would personally recommend but we don't use often are tango for messages and video/voice calls, viber for messages and voice calls and skype for video calls, we don't use them because of connection problems but they are great apps!
For voice calls I have an international calling sim which is cheap to call international countries, the sim card is LYCAMOBILE, but I also used to use LEBARA.


 In my opinion not everyone understands how hard they actually are and how much they affect your life and mental state. I often here people say that I look to happy to have that much stress going on or on the other hand more negatively people say thats not stress you will understand what stress when you are older. These opinions are valid but not always true.
Long distance relationships can leave you feeling very lonely, crying uncontrollably and getting angry and frustrated for unnecessary reasons. You can find yourself having good days and bad days, in my case we didn't start with distance so we always focus on our main goal to be together and this never leaves our mind.

If you are in a long distance relationship and are looking for advice I would recommend for you to:
  1.  find a way for you to be together, first and foremost, I know this is not always possible but truly ask yourself is it possible?
  2. make as much time as possible for each other to communicate
  3. do things together with technology, watch movies, play games ask each other questions and share memories remembering the good times
  4. visit each other if possible
  5. always remember the true reasons of your relationship and don't let anyone else question it
  6. keep a strong support network
  7. don't let yourself feel lonely there are a lot of people out there in similar situations everyone has a story to tell (instagram is my saviour for this)
LDR are not easy, if i'm completely honest with you I block out the distance this keeps me happy and content when I let the distance get to me I can't take it and have to go to India.

Always smile and be happy... remember everything is going to be okay in the end if its not okay its not the end!
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lots of love 


  1. great . .. . . .stay happy

  2. Hi

    I am glad to read your post through Lauren. Really interesting. One thing I can't get is why do your friends let you down when you're in need? Of course as a good friend mean they can have their own opinions. They can be either supportive or else against our decision. But they should not let us down. It's my opinion.
    Anyway, Congratulations to both of you :-)


    1. Thank you for visiting :) I couldn't understand the situation myself either especially when they were supportive at first then they decided against it, but I always say god has a reason for everything I just lost the friends that I needed loosing and found better ones along the way :) thank you so much!

  3. Hi Rani!
    I'm so glad to hear there are other people who are making LDR's work! I am also in an intercultural relationship with an Indian man from Haryana. It isn't easy but we want to make it work :) Thanks for your advice. We've been using WhatsApp and Skype but I'll have to check out the Couple app. I totally understand people not supporting: currently it's his mom and my mom! They're skeptical it'll work out. Just gotta keep the love strong and prove them wrong :)
    ~ Emily

    1. thank you dear! we truly made it work and have finally closed the distance are are happily making our future together! i hope your story has a wonderful ending!
      -gori rani x

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