Sunday, 17 January 2016

BOO! its me, Gori Rani

Hello it's me, Rebecca and i'm back Better, Stronger and Happier than ever before. Thanks for stopping by! I apologize for my absence.

Since I last blogged so much has changed and/or improved. 
All smiles

Yes i'm still in ireland and it turned out better than I could have ever hoped!  

Last time I blogged I was an Au Pair. It didnt work out as planned after that I was a full time housewife. I am now in a full time job that I love and enjoy! 
Most excitingly Our Long Distance has closed! Life post long distance is great and we are enjoying making memories and learning valuable life tools for our future.

I have had a big enough break from blogging and I am ready to begin this awesome journey again. I also can't believe my blog has reached over 11,000 views for me that's just crazy and I am truly humbled and blessed to each of you that taken your time to read and take a look around my blog.

Lots Of Love

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